"The Best Medical Benefit Going."

~ Tony G, Business Owner

Our Plus Benefits Program Provides 24/7 Medical Care Including:

  • • 24 / 7 Doctor Access
  • • 24 / 7 Second-Opinion Access
  • • 24 / 7 Mental Health Counselor Access
  • • 24 / 7 Nurse Access
  • • Medical Advocate Access
  • • Medical Bill Payer & Insurance Navigator Access
  • • Plus Dental, Vision, Pharmacy, Labs, MRI , CT Discounts . . .
  • • And Much More!

All in one convenient card

$19.95/mo — No contract!

Affordable Care • Membership Based—No Insurance Required • No Copays

Medical Access, Affordability and Convenience! 

Restora Health is for those who want to be free of dirty waiting rooms, wasted time, and expensive deductibles that are never met.

Why pay all that money with no benefits?!  Health conscious people everywhere are rejecting the racket of the traditional health insurance and hospital-centered sick-care model and joining the new model of medicine at Restora Health!

What is this new, fresh, exciting model?

HUGE savings, better health, and control over your health, costs and time.

No More Waiting Rooms!  All done by Smart-phone, PC or Tablet!  What a concept!

We offer 2 products:

1 - 24 / 7 Care Plus Benefits: Just $19.95 a month, you get UNLIMITED Access to:

  • 24 / 7 Doctor (USA-based) – call at 2 am and get a prescription RIGHT AWAY! Call as often as you want - NO EXTRA COSTS!
  • 24 / 7 Nurse
  • 24 / 7 Mental Health Counselors
  • 24 / 7 Second Opinion: ask any medical specialist any question and get answer in 4 hours
  • Walgreens Walk-In Clinic – discounted services (Physicals, immunizations, etc.)
  • Huge Discounts on: Dental, Vision, Pharmacy, Imaging, Labs, Hearing Aids, and Durable Medical Equipment.
  • Medical Bill Payer – Will organize your bills and negotiate lower fees and rates.
  • Medical Concierge – Will find specialists and set up appointments for you and arrange care for other family members

2 - Our powerful Optimal Health Program starting at just $59.00 a month:

Our powerful monthly membership TeleHealth Primary Care Program where all the above is included plus we PROACTIVELY to get you to the 5 + 2 Normals: - Normal Blood Pressure; Normal Blood Sugar, Normal Cholesterol, Normal Weight, No Tobacco, Stress Management, and Elimination of Inflammation (the cause of over 90% of diseases).

This is not insurance.

What You Get As A Member:

Restora Optimal Health Plan

Need more care?  Need a Primary Care Provider?  Our Proactive Primary Care Optimal Health plan gives you Primary Care and empowers you to take steps towards Optimal Health, so you are Disease Free, Youthful and In Control!

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24/7 Doc on Call for You

Starting at just 67 cents a day (Wow is that cheap!), you can have access to a USA-based Board Certified Physician, a Registered Nurse, or a Mental Health Counselor at your fingertips whenever you need them...

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Medical Navigator and Advocate

Our Health Advocate and Navigator will guide you through the maze of medical bills, insurance, elderly care, finding specialists, medical advice and much more.  The Bill Payer service alone will typically save you thousands of dollars from any hospital bills you may get. 

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Who is the Restora Health Plan designed for?

When you can no longer afford healthcare or you want to keep your healthcare costs as low as possible, there is only one option: to get and stay as healthy as you possibly can.


if you already have coverage, but want to be proactive, improve your health, and save big next year.


if you already have coverage, but want 24/7 access to a primary care doc and other specialists.


if you are not currently covered, but would like a proactive health plan that helps you save money.


if you don't currently have a plan but want to offer your employees an affordable benefit they can really use.



“Typical American healthcare gets paid when you're sick, Restora Health gets paid to keep me healthy!"

M.C. Cleveland, Ohio


"I am grateful for the team of physiologists, health coaches, and nutritionists to help keep me healthy."

R.K. Cleveland, Ohio


"Wow, so far so good. Best money I've ever spent. Keep it up and you have a customer for life.”

R.K. Cleveland, Ohio

In Health, You Find Your Greatest Wealth

We are on a mission to help our members (1) get healthy and stay younger longer (2) save money, and (3) be the best they can possibly be

Best Health Certification

When we say: "Be the best you can be," we really mean it. We offer a unique health certification that attests you are within the "5+2 Normals", which will help you save on (1) life insurance (2) health insurance (including health sharing and/or indemnity plans), and (3) on medical bills overall.

Healthy people cost insurers less, since statistically, they're a better risk. And they spend, on average, 35% to 55% less on healthcare than their unhealthy counterparts.