Health Assessment Test

How healthy are you living now?  What can you do to become healthier?

Our simple 22 question Health Assessment Test will let you know in just minutes.    The test takes just 3 minutes to complete - you just check some boxes.  When complete, you will get an overall 'score' and then your own Personal Health Profile.  This profile is a small book that is all about you and your health and what you can do to maintain the good elements and what you can do to fix the not-so-good areas of your life.   Your PHP is filled with research articles that are scientifically based and filled with the latest technology.   It's Personal because no-one will answer the HAT exactly the same.

Your PHP is not a simple check box of what to do.  Your PHP is a small book on every element of your lifestyle.  A typical PHP is over 80 pages!  And it's all free!

By following the guidance of your PHP, you will live a healthier, happier and wealthier life.


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